El Gouna Nubian Design

May 22, 2014

El Gouna is a tranquil city located in the heart of the Egyptian desert 80 Km from the touristic city of Hurgada and 480 Km from Egypt’s capital Cairo. What makes El Gouna a must visit destination is the uniqueness of it design, beauty of the nature and the most splendid bluish calm sea. El […]

Recycling El Gouna Style

During one of my morning walks, I found that nice looking recycling bins :). The bin is manufactured from Nile clay and was traditionally used to preserve water cold during hot summer days long before the use of refrigerator in our modern time. Even recycling is different on Gouna, what a place.

El Gouna Golf Vacation

Being a Golfer, I know that my Golf set is family so if I am going on a vacation, My Golf set should be there and I will looking for a place for us to enjoy. After a long journey of search, I found my destination El Gouna. I have stayed at the Gouna Steinberger […]